India has a very different healthcare model compared to countries like the US, Australia, Canada and the UK. Most people pay their own medical bills. So, one very important factor in deciding on our treatment is often the cost.

The issues for people with CKD in general and on dialysis, in particular, are thus, very different from those in other parts of the world. I have, for the longest time hoped for some more support from the dialysis community in India. It is difficult to get this without having a platform online. While meeting in person does offer a lot of advantages, it is difficult to do this more than say, once a month.

To address this problem, I have been working on a website that will offer information and support for people on dialysis in India. There are sections that offer some basic information, sections that offer my perspective on well-being and leading as normal a life on dialysis as possible and a forum where people can share problems specific to India and look for some helpful tips and answers to try and solve those problems from fellow dialyzors in the country.

So, without much ado I bring to you - Dialysis in India.

Please take a look and give me feedback on how the site can be improved. The site is currently very basic. I hope to expand it to include a lot more in the weeks to come. If you wish to contribute in any manner, please let me know. I shall be more than happy!

A big thank you to Kartik and Jayadeep for providing the server space to host the site. Without their help on the space and with Drupal, the site would not have been possible. Thanks again both of you!


SCDAFF said…
Gr8t Job Boss. Will share this with as many ppl i can.
Sai Manohar said…
Will try to help asmany as possible in this noble cause
Bill Peckham said…
Pretty cool Kamal - I hope it grows to be a force. I want to spend some more time looking through it.

How many people in India are on dialysis? Hemo v PD?
Sidharth Sethi said…
Good work Kamal, do let me know if you need a list of Pediatric Nephrologists on your site.

I am putting a post on your website
Kamal D Shah said…
I don't know how many people are on dialysis in India Bill. I will try to find out however. Yes, please go through the site and if possible, let me know what you think can be done to improve it.