Another test for bone pain

My bone pain is getting worse. I went back to my nephrologist yesterday to discuss this. He suggested getting an isotope bone scan. He said it will help us know the condition of the bones and help identify any 'hotspots'.

To be honest, I am getting tired of all these tests to determine the cause of the bone pain. They rarely show anything. On the other hand, I am desperate to know what is causing this severe pain that is making going about my daily activities difficult.

Yesterday, I was thinking, this is the last test I am doing. If nothing shows up, I am not doing anything else. I will just wait and watch!

I should probably do some travel. It will be difficult with this damn pain. Goa would be great. I may not be able to do the water sports because the jerks would be very painful. But yes, Goa would be a good idea. There was also some good news on the cruise front. There is now a cruise that sails out from Kochi. There are 3 night cruises to Maldives and Colombo and a one night high seas sailing.

Whatever it is, I am not going to get depressed again.


madhava said…
Are you taking vitamin C supplements?
(You might be )
1.vitamin C helps in calcium
2. Deficiency of Vitamin C can also cause such bone pain
Kamal D Shah said…
No Madhava, I am not taking any Vit C supplements. My neph also did not suggest this. I will check with him about this. Thanks!