Coorg calling - Coffee, cardamom and more

The road to Coorg from Bengalooru is good until the last stretch of about 25-30 kms. This stretch is not a road - it is a test of your nerves and your driving skills. It is also a test of how lucky you are. They are supposedly building / repairing the road. This has caused the entire stretch to become full of ditches and stones. We reached the Club Mahindra resort at Coorg around 9:30 in the night after a grueling drive through this stretch.

We had dinner at the Green Cardamom, a restaurant in the resort. There was a huge buffet of Indian food with a wide variety of desserts. After a sumptuous meal, we went to our rooms and retired for the day.

One thing we had decided was that we did not want to see a whole lot of places. We were, after all, there for only two nights and a day. We wanted to relax rather than pack in too many things. Most hill stations are similar - a sunrise point, a sunset point, a lovers point and a suicide point! The key is to enjoy the weather and basically not do too much.

The next morning, we got up, performed our morning ablutions and then went to the restaurant for breakfast which too, was very good. A wide spread. Tasty food. Some great coffee. We then took a hotel jeep to the Abby Falls - a waterfall about 8 kilometers away from the resort. The jeep stops on the road and you have to trek for about 15 minutes through a track that has coffee and cardamom trees along it before you reach the falls. Unfortunately there is no access to the base of the falls. So, you can merely see the falls from a distance.

After this, we went to another waterfall. This was much better. The jeep goes through a bumpy track in the middle of a forest and then leads to an opening in the fields. From here, a five minute trek takes you to a splendid waterfall with clear water. This waterfall is accessible by foot. We quickly changed into our swimming gear and went right up to the base of the falls. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The water was very cold.

After about an hour or so of playing under the falls, we changed and got back to the resort. We then lazed around in different parts of the resort - inside the swimming pool, the coffee lounge and our room. Dinner was huge again. The next morning, we breakfasted in the resort again and left for Bengalooru and then to Hyderabad. The return journey was quite uneventful.

Sometimes I think if it was really worth doing all this travel just for one day of fun in Coorg. The problem is I cannot do more than this in cities where there is no dialysis. As it is, by the time I got back I had put on almost 8 kgs of fluid (shhh, don't tell anyone this and don't embarrass me by asking me about it). To stretch beyond this would be asking for trouble. Unfortunately, places with dialysis centers are not much fun (except Goa).