My Telugu-isation

2009 was the first year that saw the 'Telugu' in me develop. It all started with 'Magadheera' which I saw thrice. This was really big as I am from Gujarat and knew absolutely no Telugu until recently despite having been born and brought up in Hyderabad.

My Telugu language skills, I can proudly say, are gradually improving. I can speak a little, identify a few letters, understand about half of what people say. I now speak only in Telugu to two people - one a former colleague and one a current colleague.

Let me narrate a little incident that happened the other day. I listen to the radio on my way to work and back. The radio stations mostly play Telugu film music with a Hindi number thrown in once in a way.

There are many films that are remade in multiple languages with songs that have the same music but with lyrics in the appropriate language. One day, the prelude of one such song started. When the words started, I realized they were in Hindi. "Shit!", I said to myself. I was subconsciously hoping that the Telugu version would play! I guess my Telugu-isation is complete!


madhava said…
I do not know, but i felt you had written about this issue a few days back ( i think i have read it before ) or is it just my imagination.
Kamal D Shah said…
Madhava, I had written this post as part of another post a few days back, but decided after the post was saved as a draft that this deserved its own post. So, I removed it. But all this happened before the post was published. So, theoretically you should not have seen it. Google does have its own bugs I guess!