Another water intake reduction tip

People on dialysis need to control the amount of water and other fluids they drink. Yes, yes, I know. Get on with the tip, will you?

Recently I tried the imli goli - a small concoction of tamarind pulp and sugar rolled into small round balls and packed. I found that this reduces my urge to drink water greatly. I like the taste too. It is a mix of sour and sweet in just the right proportion. I used Altoids at one point. But they are not natural and I was a little skeptical about using something like that to control fluid intake. The humble imli goli is a much better option. Totally natural. Totally safe. Very effective.

There are two things about the imli goli that make it so effective. One is its sour taste. I have seen that sour things generally make you drink less water. Altoids sour drops were very effective. Their Raspberry sours, Apple sours and Lemon sours were great. The problem was they are not natural and moreover not available in Hyderabad. So, I used to have my brother who travelled frequently to the US to bring them for me.

The other things is imli or tamarind has an astringent (causing a dry puckering mouthfeel) quality. This by itself causes you to feel less thirsty and reduces the urge to drink water. Tea and amla (gooseberry) are two other things with a similar quality. When I have a cup of tea, I can stay without water for hours. So, look for things that have this astringent quality.

The imli goli is my current favorite. I have about four small golis a day and this has reduced my water intake a lot.

You're on nocturnal. Why do you need to worry about your fluid intake?

Now, that's an entirely different matter!