Junk comments

I have noticed a sharp rise in the number of spam comments on this blog. I thought that should be near impossible to do because you have a captcha (where you have to type out a word that is shown as an image) before being allowed to post a comment.

Despite this, almost everyday I have at least one junk comment waiting to be deleted. I have no idea how they manage to do this! How can you get a program to read a captcha?

They probably use a real human to log in to a Google account and then use the session id to go and spam hundreds of blogs! What purpose does that serve, really? Anyway the comments are easily distinguishable from the real ones.

Anyone has any clue?


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
This is Nicky and I was checking if I could post without signing into my account.

There's no captcha here! I could post this as anonymous without filling any kind of 'are you a human?' identification!
None said…
Well, you need to set this up or theres some issue with blogger if your settings are in place.

It seems any bot can post a message without a check.
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Nicky,

Thanks! I thought I had enabled this. I went and checked and it wasn't enabled. I've enabled it now.