Reading the blogs I follow 'in context'

I follow a number of blogs. I used Safari earlier where I had a folder of bookmarks that had their RSS feeds and would show the number of unread posts. If any blog had one or more unread posts I would open it in a new tab and read the posts.

I then explored some specialized RSS readers for this purpose. I tried NetNewsWire for while. This was good but the problem was I use a different laptop at home and at work. This made it a nightmare since I would end up seeing the same unreads when I got back home.

The natural progression was to a web based RSS reader. Google Reader, I concluded would solve my problem. So, I let yet another Google product take over my life. It is amazing how much of Google I use daily! Without paying them a single paisa. And that's the scary part. I can't even blame them when the browser title says I have one unread post but the list shows no unread posts. I get it free, right?

But that is not my problem. My problem is 'the context'. A blog has much more to it than the post itself. On an RSS reader like Google's or NetNewsWire, all you see is the boring standard interface of the software or the site and the blog posts all come in plain text with the images that belong to the post itself. No background the blog owner has put. No provision to view the comments. No provision to comment either. Which makes the whole experience a tad too impersonal.

Does anyone know of a web based RSS reader that allows you to view new content 'in context'. What I want is to be able to do this: whenever I open the site and log in, it should show me the list of feeds that have unread items. Clicking a button should open the home pages of all those feeds. Is this really a need unique to me? Cannot be. Please let me know if you have come across anything that does this.


Google released a new product called Buzz... try if that helps solve your problem!