Rumor mongering

"Kal assembly par attack hai na, saab", our Man Friday, Ram Murthy said this evening as he was leaving home after dropping some stuff we needed. "Tomorrow the assembly is going to be attacked, sir".

"Kya?", I asked shocked, wondering if Pakistan had decided to call off the dialogue scheduled to start soon and went into super-aggressive mode! It didn't make sense, however. They wouldn't have announced it, for sure! And that too, the AP state assembly? Nah.

I asked him however. "Pakistan attack karne wala hai?" "Is Pakistan going to attack the assembly?"

"Nahi saab, yeh Telangana wale".

"Ohhh", I was relieved! The Telangana agitators have planned to lay siege to the AP state assembly on Saturday. There is a difference between 'laying siege' and 'attacking', I wanted to explain to him. I let it be. I realized later that he was trying to get us to declare a holiday for our shop so that he could get a day off!

Ram Murthy is not alone in his quest. There are folks at my office who actually love to break news to the rest of us about the "city burning" or "tension (that) grips the city" hoping somehow that the management declares a holiday!


B said…
Well, holiday only makes things deadlines and work does not go a way. I guess it makes sense to those whose work is what you do for the day type of jobs.
Karan Shah said…
hahaha..good ol Ram Murthy