Blood samples have reached and are fine

My blood samples have reached the institute at Bergamo, Italy. I received confirmation from them saying that they have received the samples and that they are in good shape.

I also received the report from the temperature logger that was put into the package that would record the temperature every 15 minutes. The temperature was also within the prescribed limits of -20 to -80 degrees centigrade.

That came as a major relief. Months of efforts, frustration and perseverance finally paid off.

Now begins the wait for the results. The first set of results will become available in approximately six months. The final results will take about a year. Yes, very long. But I will be able to take a more informed decision about my transplant.


IGA Nephropathy said…
Very glad to hear. Why do the results take so long? Is it the type of test or some sort of incubation period etc?
Kamal D Shah said…
I have no idea really.