I just saw the worst movie...ever

I went for Love, sex aur dhokha (LSD) this Sunday. I can safely say that it was the worst movie I have ever seen and probably will ever see. I regretted not listening to my uncle who really pleaded with us not to go for the movie. He even offered to pay us for the tickets which we had booked online!

For the first few minutes, I did not realize that the movie had started. It was some weird camera shooting weird people saying weird things. Soon, I realized that this was the real movie. The film shows three different stories through cameras, some of them surveillance cameras. The three stories merge at some points.

I have no problem with experimental cinema. I even enjoy some of these films. But LSD is an experiment gone horribly wrong. Just what was the director thinking? The shaky camera, the screaming actresses, the meaningless stories, all make for a concoction of nonsense hitherto unseen in Indian cinema.

My standards are pretty low when it comes to films. I enjoy any movie even slightly above average. After watching LSD, I actually had a headache. That is very rare.

If you are having a really good time in life and feel that it is dangerous to have too much of a good thing, go watch LSD.


s said…
hehe loved the last line!!
nice torture idea though!! reminds me of gifting someone with the tickets. :B