Independence - Part 2

Yesterday, I started my dialysis session myself. Entirely. Prepared the bicarbonate solution, primed the dialyzer and the lines, cannulated myself and then started the treatment. Jayaram, the tech came about half an hour into treatment.

There is nothing new in this though. About two years back I was doing this myself. But then decided against doing it because of a couple of problems I had. I had also started on my current job which necessitated a long commute to work and back as a result of which I was dead tired by the end of the day to do anything, let alone start dialysis myself.

There are still things that can go wrong. There might still be some problems. I am trying to get manuals that are used to train people on home hemo in other countries like Australia, the US and Hong Kong. This will give me some ammunition to deal with any such problems.

I plan to learn how to close a session too gradually. That way when my tech gets married I will not have any problems. The key is practice. No education can give you the expertise to be able to dialyze on your own. Doing it day after day, for a period of time is the only way out.

Let's hope I learn fast.


Miriam LB said…
Bravo, Kamal, for giving it another go. I'm sure you'll succeed.

Best wishes
IGA Nephropathy said…
In relation to your earlier post...was there no manual provided when you bought the machine? I was wondering about manuals with centers that use this machine that you can take a copy ? You must have already thought of all this curious.
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Bhanu, there was a manual provided with the Fresenius machine but that was a technical manual - more for technicians who need to fix the machine should something go wrong.

What I am looking for is some troubleshooting guide for patients who are dialyzing on their own. This is not something that is generally available from the company because I suspect the Fresenius machine was not designed for home use.

This kind of manual is something that any center that trains patients in home dialysis might have.
Arti said…
You are Brave. Best of luck!!!