Jaise suraj ki garmi se jalte hue tan ko...

Many, many years back, I remember seeing a bhajan from a film that was telecast on Doordarshan, the only channel in India then. It went:

Jaise suraj ki garmi se jalte hue tan ko mil jaye taruvar ki chhaya
Aisa hi sukh mere man ko mila hai, mein jab se sharan tere aaya, mere Ram...

It had a group of serene looking men sitting in a line singing it and a devout audience lost in it. The bhajan appealed instantaneously. I saw it a couple of times more in the months to follow.

After those few months, I never heard it again. But the tune and the first few lines stayed with me. During engineering college, I had a friend, also called Kamal, who had similar interests as mine when it came to music. During a conversation, the bhajan came up and both us agreed that it was very touching.

A few years later, I remembered it again and by that time the internet had made its presence felt. I tried looking around for some link but could not find it.

A few days back, however, I remembered it yet again and decided to try looking for it one more time. This time I ws lucky. I not only found a You Tube video (not very good quality, the volume is too low) but I also found an mp3 version of the original. I learnt that it is from the film Parinay and was originally sung by the Sharma Bandhu, a group of four brothers, who were very famous at one time for singing Ram bhajans.

I now have the audio version and happily listen to it. It is as moving even today.

Googling the first few words of the song should take you to a link to the mp3. You can find the lyrics here. Here is the You Tube video (you might need to put the volume on maximum):


Anonymous said…
I had always loved this one too...

Anonymous said…
googled the song and came and read your blog..
I still remember it like you from DD days..
If u still have the mp3..would be greatful if u can email it to me

alampallam at gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Good work man...Jai Shri Ram

Yuvi Ahmedabad
Unknown said…
just heard it on radio, gone back to childhood days when i heard it for first time. i love this bhajan, very heart touching.