The little boy with atypical HUS

I got a call one evening.

"Is this Kamal?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is Rajesh. My nephew is a three year old boy and has been diagnosed with HUS."

At that instant, a flood of emotions went through me. HUS. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Where the body's defense mechanism against foreign bodies goes bonkers and starts attacking its own blood cells, breaking them down, the fragments of the blood then going and getting stuck in the pores of the kidney causing renal failure.

Three year old boy. Surely, this must be the typical form of the disease. The one preceded by diarrhea, the reversible form, the one with a good prognosis, the one where people get back to normal in a few days never to know the disease again.

"Did the boy have diarrhea before this episode?"

"No diarrhea. No other symptoms."

"Oh no", I thought to myself. This was the atypical form. The exact same thing that I had. The one with the bad prognosis. The one in which many of its victims proceeded to chronic renal failure. A third of the victims died. I was overwhelmed. I could see the last twelve years of my life playing out before me. This was the first person I came across who had the same disease in my city.

I gathered as much information about the boy as I could. I went over to the hospital to meet with him and his uncle who had called me. The family and the doctors were perplexed. What had caused this?

Little Karthik, now with a PD tube in his stomach to help clean the toxins his kidneys were supposed to, was quite clueless about the fuss around him. All he knew was that something was wrong. Wrong, it was. Horribly wrong. What could a boy of three know about HUS? About dialysis? About life itself?

The family is now taking Karthik to Vellore on the advice of the doctors here. That, for sure, is a good idea. They say they have the best treatment there. I hope the team at Vellore is able to give Karthik his life back. The little boy of three deserves that and no less.


Anonymous said…
is this also a triggered case or what do you think caused this?
Kamal D Shah said…
I tried investigating this a little. Not had a chance to dig in deeper though. No obvious triggers I could see yet.
None said…
Maybe, this is the reason I believe in God.

Dear God, please help this child.

I know am not the most virtuous out there, but I hope God listens o my prayers.
Anonymous said…
It hardly makes any sense viewing effigent from the lense high esteem when you fail to explain how the effigent defaulted on clearing the arears by citing you are just the employee in that.

You may have excellent fluency and efficacy over english which is suffice to churn out post after post in a blog. But being fair to people around us keeps us at the helm.
Sorry for critical of you..........
SCDAFF said…
I donno who u r anonymous, but why dont u come with ur original name n profile. Dont u have guts?
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Anonymous,

I would request you to post comments related to effigent on posts related to effigent (where I view it from a high lens) and we could continue the discussion there. Posting this comment on a totally unrelated post will confuse everyone.

I hope you understand.