Nephroplus launch tomorrow

Nephroplus, Hyderabad's only standalone dialysis center launches tomorrow. The center is the first of a chain of dialysis centers being set up by the group which is headed by Vikram, an IIT alumnus who did his MBA from Chicago Booth. Sandeep, an MBA from ISB is the other director in this venture.

I have been involved in this from the time Vikram conceptualized this and have been been advising him on what patients need from a dialysis center and what is missing in the units that exist today.

The advantage of having a standalone center is that the energy of everyone is focussed on dialysis and how to make the experience of the patients better. In a hospital, dialysis in only a small part of the operations. This leads to a lot of red-tape and delays in making things happen and introducing better processes to make life less painful for patients. Not so in a standalone center.

Is the first standalone center in the city? No. There have been others that have tried and failed. Then, what is different about Nephroplus?

I have seen the way Vikram and Sandeep operate. They have a missionary zeal to make life for patients better. They are hell bent on preventing cross infections, which is a major problem facing dialysis units today. The curse of Hepatitis B and C which turns a dialysis patient's life upside down for no fault of theirs is something that can and should be avoided. Nephroplus is introducing novel processes that aims to do just that.

The advantage of having people from outside the industry run this is great. They bring in fresh perspectives, novel ideas and are devoid of any preconceived notions. So, while even nephrologists and technicians are resigned to cross infections - 'it is not a question of if but when' - I find that Vikram and Sandeep have taken an entirely different approach to the problem. Zero seroconversions is their goal. Often, it is the intent that matters.

Added to this, they are introducing other modalities like short daily, nocturnal and every other day dialysis for patients who would like to switch to these modalities rather then being condemned to a life of a 'thrice weekly' or worse 'twice weekly' schedule which leads to poor outcomes and sub-optimal lives.

I am excited about this concept and hope many patients will benefit. The launch is tomorrow, Sunday, 14th of March at Banjara Hills at 6 p.m. Please call 42408039 for more details.


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Bill Peckham said…
Great news Kamal - now I can visit!
Kamal D Shah said…
Yes of course, Bill. It would really be great!