Samples on their way to Italy - at last!

Finally, after all the efforts I put in over the last so many months, my blood samples, processed, packed and stored between -20 and -80 degrees centigrade were picked up by the courier company at 4 p.m. yesterday from the lab.

They are now on their way to Bergamo in Italy for some genetic and biochemical tests which will help me decide whether or not to go in for a transplant and if yes, what route to take.

The entire set of results will be ready in about a year from now. Till then I am hoping I can find out more about Eculizumab, the wonder drug for aHUS. I am hoping it becomes available in India soon. I am going to be spending a heck of a lot on a transplant. Might as well give it my best shot. Use whatever is available. Keep all options handy. Plasmapheresis, Eculizumab and whatever else there might be.