Can't wait for the iPad

The iPad is going to be in people's hands today. For a change, they say it will be available in India sometime in April too. My initial reaction to Apple's new product announced in January this year was wait-and-watch. My current feeling is can't-wait-any-more!

It is going to solve a few problems for me.

When I get back home, I am generally very tired. I want to lie on my bed and watch a movie or browse for some medical stuff. My laptop is too heavy and inconvenient to use in this position. The iPad would be ideal. It weighs about 700 grams!

Every time I visit my doctor, I have to lug around huge files that have all my reports. I have all the reports in an Excel file. Problem is it is too clunky to take a laptop to a doctor and open it in front of him and show the reports. An iPad would be great. Small, light, convenient.

My journey on the way to office and back is often very boring. When there is a lot of traffic (which is on most days), it can be quite dreary. An iPad would be ideal to watch a movie or listen to music. In fact, if I can get myself a 3G model, I can actually browse the internet on the way!

Above all, the device looks extremely sexy. It would be really cool to have one of them with me.


Unknown said…
Not having a camera so that one can Skype is a big drawback for me. I am sure a future version of the iPad will have it. Meanwhile a Linux Netbook can suffice.

3G plans are bound to be expensive in India, given that their much lower speed wireless plans are expensive compared to their wired plans.
Kamal D Shah said…
I rarely skype. A Linux netbook? I'll pass, thank you!