Dr. John Agar answers questions at the HDC forums

Dr. John Agar is a pioneer in the field of nocturnal dialysis. He is associated with The Geelong Hospital in Australia. He is also the author of the website http://www.nocturnaldialysis.org/.

For some time now, Dr. Agar has been answering questions on hemodialysis at the Home Dialysis Central forums. Along with dozens of other members, I have greatly benefited from these discussions. Dr. Agar brings with him years of experience in nephrology and dialysis and has an extraordinary zeal for patient welfare as evidenced from the detailed, extremely well-thought out responses to patients' questions on the various aspects of their dialysis treatments and kidney disease in general. You can visit Dr. Agar's forum here.

Dr. Agar has also hosted some extremely useful webinars where he has presented important topics to the community. Though these webinars have been hosted by Home Dialysis Central, they are applicable and useful to the dialysis community at large. You can check the webinars here.

Even if you're not on home dialysis, I strongly recommend you visit the forums and take a look at the webinars. There is a wealth of important information there which everyone on dialysis must know. You don't even need to be a member to access that information.