Flexible office timings

There are two different schools of thought on office timings. One is the old school - fixed timings, say 9 to 6 with an hour for lunch in between and Sundays are off. No matter what. Then there's the new school - no fixed timings. Flexi-hours. If there's no work, go for a movie. If there's work, you have to work your ass off - weekends and late nights.

After being through both and seeing this through the eyes of the manager and the managed, I am still at a loss as to which is 'right'. There may be no 'right' actually.

Let's take the old school. Finish off what you can in those fixed hours. What isn't finished is done the next day. If you don't have work for the day however, you stay put on that seat till the clock strikes six. View the IPL on the internet, chat with friends about the new restaurant in town, whatever. But stay in office.

Then there's the new school. Everything depends on the amount of work. If you have no work for the day, leave. If there's work that needs to be done, it needs to be done, no matter what the time is. This works, in my opinion, only the wrong way. There is never 'no work'. There are plenty of instances, however, where there is a lot of work that stretches into the night or weekends. This can play havoc with your personal life.

Ideally, I would like regular fixed timings with an occasional stretching or compression of my day.