Yours truly features in the 'Grand Rounds' of Pediatric Nephrology website

I am happy to report to you that an article written by me titled, "Peritoneal dialysis as modality of choice in kids" has been featured in the "Grand Rounds" of the website Pediatric Nephrology maintained by Dr. Sidharth Sethi, Pediatric Nephrologist at AIIMS, New Delhi.

In the article, I suggest that in kids with renal failure, Peritoneal dialysis, rather than Hemodialysis should be the modality of choice, all other things being neutral. An excerpt from the article:

"The whole exercise of undergoing a session of hemodialysis is quite traumatic to the strongest of adults. For kids, it can be living hell. The process of cannulations and then seeing your blood outside your body, the fatigue at the end of a session, it is all too much for a child to bear.

Peritoneal dialysis is an excellent alternative medicine has given us.

...kidney disease is often a lifelong affair, something that the playful little boy sitting in
front of you is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. Every little step you take to help him bear this cross will make life a little less difficult to live."

You can find the entire article here.


Unknown said…
I wonder how a child deals with bullies in school. Bullies have a tendency to tease a child with a disability and even touch the affected part or push kids around. How does a child protect the catheter that sticks out from the stomach from such bullies? Or is it something that is well hidden and protected?
Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Vinod,

I met you several times when I was on PD. Did you ever see anything sticking out?

Yes, the catheter sits in a pouch that is wrapped around the stomach. No one can see it if you're wearing a shirt.

But, yes, a child needs to be 'trained' by his parents/doctor about how to handle situations that may arise.
Anonymous said…
In general non-bullies should be trained to handle the bullies. I was one of the non-bullies who was effected. I will train my kids atleast.
Unknown said…
I would love to know what you would teach.

Fight back? Avoid them? Form your own group?

Confide in your parents? Snitch to your teachers?

Have therapists/counselors visit the school and hold sessions? Who pays for their time? Who will make EVERYONE - students, teachers and parents - attend?

If you have the answers, then the whole world needs them. Especially Australia, England and the USA. Including India too.
Anonymous said…
this is not the only one the whole world needs. I don't have a better answer now. But my answer was silence then. I will try to get a better one.