An iPad and some dhokla

(This post is purely fictional and any resemblance of the names to any living person is mere coincidence.)

iPad launched in India
Hyderabad, 10th May 2010, By our special correspondent.

Apple's path-breaking new product, the iPad was launched at a private gathering in Hyderabad. The gathering was attended by representatives of the top IT companies of the city like Infosys, Pramathi, Prithvi, Magnettic and Wells Fargo. The launch was preceded by a brunch for the attendees.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. S. Ramakrishnan of Prithvi summed up the iPad thus: "????????????????". That was what most could understand anyway. Mr. K. T. Reddy from Pramathi struck a discordant note when he stated, "Anyway, everything is copied from Linux." He could not elaborate, when pressed for a clarification, on what exactly was copied from Linux.

Ms. M. Singh, also from Prithvi was thrilled with the iPad and was enquiring about the price and other details. Mr. V. P. Naidu of Infosys chose to focus on the food instead. In an interview later in the day to Facebook, Mr. Naidu said, "zindagi mein nai khaayaa itna badiya dhoklaaa...... yaaaaawwwwsomee!!"

Fellow Infoscion, Mr. A. Srinivas and Mr. J. Vysyaraju from Wells Fargo were seen enjoying the audio and videos on the demo device. The quality was unlike that seen on any device.

Mr. J. T. Reddy of Magnettic, an ardent Linux user was seen ogling at the device rather secretively lest he be accused of liking a 'closed' product!

Try as you might, however, it is difficult to not like the iPad!


Anonymous said…
do you own one now?
Kamal D Shah said…
Yes I do - a 64 GB, 3G version.
Anonymous said…
Had amazing Dhokla's. Thanks to Mom and iPad was awesome.