The three mistakes of my life - 3

That brings me to the third. This was big.

If you are following this blog from a few months and are not skipping the posts marked 'health' (I know many people do this!), you probably know that I am suffering from severe bone pain from a few months. This bone pain is a result of the biggest mistake of my life.

To refresh your memory, the story goes thus: My Calcium went high at one point when my nephrologist asked me to switch to an acid can which had 2.25 mEq/l of Calcium as opposed to a regular Calcium of 3 mEq/l. For a few months, I was supplied the correct Calcium in the acid solution.

After a while (due to changing a vendor and then returning to the regular vendor), I was supplied 1.5 mEq/l of Calcium in the acid which is horrendously low. For 8 months after that, I was using a terribly low Calcium in the acid. The bone pain is most likely due to this.

I did not check the label on the acid can. For eight whole months, I kept using the very acid that would screw my life forever. Currently I am walking with a really bad limp, my ribs ache even with a simple turn on the bed, coughing and sneezing cause a violent jerk on my lower back which causes a second of terrible pain.

I will not be able to do any trekking (which I really enjoyed in Coorg and Ethipothala very recently) until this issue is sorted out. To be honest with you, I have little hope that this problem will ever be sorted. I have this premonition that this is going to stay with me for the rest of my life (whatever that means).

And to think, that this was totally manufactured. It could have been easily avoided. When my PTH sky-rocketed, it should have been obvious that my Calcium was too low. But I don't blame anyone but myself. I should have read up more. Now when I think about it, with all the analysis and reading up on the internet, it should have been as obvious as the fact that when you add two and two together, you get four.

But it did not strike me. It did not strike anyone. Probably because in patients with CKD, hyperparathyroidism is a common side effect. No one could have imagined that my parathyroid glands were behaving perfectly normally. It was the Calcium that was causing the problem.

This, the third, was definitely the biggest mistake of my life.


Anonymous said…
I don't know if this can be considered to be your mistake in any way. I mean, talking about the other two things, it was definitely very straight. But here, you have in fact done extraordinary amount of brainstorming in trying to diagnose this problem! I don't think anyone else in your place would have ever come close to understanding the real problem. The medical world failed miserably (which they seem to do quiet carelessly most often) to identify the problem, but you didn't! It's far from a mistake. At least that's my take.
Kamal D Shah said…
It was my mistake, actually. I did not check the label on the acid can. For eight whole months. And I am paying quite dearly for that.
Unknown said…
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