True daily dialysis

I never understood why people did not dialyse truly daily. Whenever you talk about daily it is at best six times a week. Never truly daily.

Probably because most people do not have Jayaram to help them! I have had this expert technician come home for the last four odd years and help me start and close my dialysis session and also take care of any problems that might arise. He also taught me to start and is now teaching me how to close.

Most other people either do it on their own or have a close relative or friend help them with it. So, I guess they feel like taking a day off. Understandable.

Jayaram takes Sundays off. I also do not work on Sundays (and Saturdays too). The problem with this is that I am idle almost the whole day and then go for a movie and dinner out with my family. Invariably this leads to excess fluid consumption with the result that I usually feel a little uncomfortable on Mondays. My chest feels a tad heavy. I also stopped swimming on Mondays.

Then it struck me. Why not dialyse on Sundays and take another day of the week off? Heck, why bother taking a day off at all? Why not dialyse every day of the week? Starting wasn't a problem since Jayaram anyway came most days after I started. There hasn't been any problem during a session for the longest of time. It's only the closing that is a little tricky and I have yet to master this. I convinced Jayaram to come on Monday mornings, close to the time of the session finishing.

For the last few weeks, I have been dialysing every night of the week. My Mondays are much better. Another example of a small tweak in processes making a dramatic difference!