In search of the perfect Sugarcane juice

My memories of sugarcane juice go back to when I was a kid. We used to troop to the roadside bandi and there would be this roller machine through which the vendor would pass the sugarcane and the juice would come oozing out. He would then squeeze in some lime and throw in some crushed ice and hand it over to us and we would relish the drink, especially during summer.

We totally stopped indulging however a few years later due to hygiene concerns. There would always be flies hovering around the machine. When the urge became irresistible we would take a bottle of hot water and make the vendor clean his machine with it and then make the juice! This wasn't something you could make at home, after all. You simply had to go to the vendor!

I hadn't had the juice for years until Prasad's multiplex introduced the mechanized version of sugarcane juice a year or so back. They would put the cane into a machine (much more sophisticated than the humble bandiwallah's) and they had a spout through which the juice would come out. The glass was paper made, the lime was squeezed out using a device that made sure the seeds did not go in. They also had flavors like ginger which really made the juice much tastier.

Subsequently many multiplexes introduced the same machine.

However the best sugarcane juice I have had is at Reviva in Jubilee Hills in the lane next to Apollo Hospital. They specialize in sugarcane juice. They have machines different from the ones at the multiplexes. The canes also look much better, fresh and clean. The juice is served with a choice of ginger, lemon and mint flavors. You can add ice cubes if you like.

This juice is really heavenly. You can literally feel the freshness envelope you with every sip you take. For twenty five rupees for a big glass, it surely is a steal!