Why did I ever cut that sim?

Its been more than a month now that I cut the BSNL 3G sim card to fit into my Apple iPad Wifi + 3G. My life has changed since then. In some ways for the better. In some ways for the worse.

Better because my journeys to and from office have become much less boring. With the 3G, I am connected all the time and I can finish off my personal emails, my Facebook and Twitter stuff and going through the feeds I have subscribed to using the awesome Reeder app in the iPad, all on the way.

Even the long waits at the doctor's are now spent infinitely more interestingly. I also have all my medical reports on my iPad so I do a quick recap before getting in so that I am more informed and better prepared for questions like, "Your PTH is fairly high! Has it ever been this high before?" to which my response is something like, "Oh yes doc, it was 1015 in May 2009 after which we started cinacalcet and when it dropped to 72, we stopped cinacalcet!" instead of rummaging through a file full of papers looking for reports that had PTH values and then figuring out if I really had such a high PTH ever - never mind the cinacalcet!

Which brings me to how it has made my life worse. Since then, I have been asked to cut a large number of sims for all and sundry! My boss, his wife, her cousin, his friend, well, you get the picture. They all want me to cut their sim to make their 3G iPads work! And no, they don't want to do it themselves because they don't want to take any chances. Quite understandable because they have got their iPads from the US since it is not yet available in India. And let's face it, cutting a sim is not the most commonly performed task you could do. So, I dread it every time my boss' secretary comes to my room with the sheepish grin proclaiming, "Another one!"

Over email too, I get a number of questions about how to make the damned thing work. If it is not about the BSNL network not being detected, it is about the 3G sign appearing but being unable to browse the internet. Just the other night I found myself sweating when I woke up from a nightmare which had the entire Indian cricket team around my bed with iPads in one hand and a BSNL sim in the other!

To be honest with you, actually, I enjoy doing this. It has given me a lot of clout with folks around me including with my boss! I really enjoy telling people that I actually cut a sim and made it work with an iPad. Sounds really cool, doesn't it?


s said…
Perhaps, an Youtube video is needed here.