Enjoying my Tata Sky Plus

I recently took a Tata Sky Plus connection. We had a regular Tata sky connection. I wanted one more for my bedroom where I have a projector and a sound system. I had been watching movies using my laptop and was enjoying the experience of watching films on a big screen.

I was never into television. I barely watched half an hour of TV a week. I thought it might be a good way to relax on weekends. To start with, I took a local cable connection but the reception was terrible. I got a Hathway set top box from a friend who wasn't using it and hooked the cable wire to the box. There would continuously be waves on the screen. At one point, the video just stopped. So, even though I could hear the audio from the television, there wasn't any video.

I called the cable guy. He came, checked the stuff and said the problem was with the set top box. I decided to take an additional Tata Sky connection. I was pretty impressed with the channels they offered and the customer service. A little time on their website convinced me to opt for Tata Sky Plus. It had recording, pause and all that. Seemed quite interesting. At one point, I thought, I hardly watched any TV. Why would I ever need recording?!

I have no idea what prompted me to change my mind. I went for the plus.

The entire process was fairly simple. You call them and tell them your details. They put you on the IVR. You give your credit card information. They send the tech in a day or two. The guy comes with everything he needs. In about an hour or so, he is done. He showed me how to use it. Pretty straightforward.

There are some things I really like. Let's say you're watching something. Suddenly you get a call or need to answer the door. You don't have to miss anything. You press Pause and then return when you're done. You can even fast forward the ads when you're watching after a Pause.

This Sunday, we went for "Red Alert" (good film, by the way). Just before leaving I realized that Valkyrie and Da Vinci Code were scheduled to be shown on some channels. I set it to record both movies. Whenever I wanted to, I could watch the films!

You can record two programs at a time too!

Its definitely a good thing to have.


Anonymous said…
how much do you pay for this dude
Kamal D Shah said…
I paid 6K all inclusive.
Anonymous said…
How did you connect your tata sky box to your projector?
Kamal D Shah said…
The video out cable goes directly into my projector. Fairly straightforward. Nothing else is needed.
Anonymous said…
dude how much do you pay monthly
Kamal D Shah said…
I signed up for the one year mega pack which includes all their channels for Rs. 5,500.
Anonymous said…
Ok, i'll try to connect the projector cable to the tata sky box. Thanks.
Unknown said…
which projector do u use ? co. and some basic specs pls. also, can i connect my tata sky and ps3 together with the projector
Kamal D Shah said…
I'm using a Hitachi CP-DX 250. If you are using a Tata sky HD plus, which I am using currently, you would need a HDMI input port. I am not sure what port the PS3 would need.