My pitch for home dialysis

Vinod Reddy pointed out recently that the Dialysis in India website did not have any information about home dialysis, something that I was so passionate about! Very true!

So, I went about adding a page about Home Dialysis to the site. You can check it out here. I also updated the Cost Comparison page in the site to include information about the initial and recurring cost of home hemodialysis.

I have been getting quite a few emails lately about the possibility of hemodialysis at home. So, I thought I must add these pages on the site asap.

Now, I have been doing home hemodialysis for the last 4 years. I would recommend it to anyone who is proactive about their health and careful. Careful because this is definitely not for those who are reckless. It requires the utmost care and precaution. It is more suited for those who are active and like to control all aspects of their health themselves. It is not for people who like to be taken care of by others. Nothing wrong with that. Just that home hemo is not for them.

Having said that, I would encourage everyone on dialysis to consider the option and discuss with your nephrologist. Get his/her buy-in definitely before even starting to plan for this. It offers great freedom and flexibility. It makes daily nocturnal dialysis doable. This is the gold standard these days in hemodialysis.