Row, row, row your boat...

The amazing Bill Peckham is at it again! This dialyzor from Seattle, USA is off on a three day river rafting adventure down the River Rogue along with two other dialyzors. They will all be using the NxStage portable hemodialysis machine. They will be staying at night at lodges accessible only by the river. They have sent their dialysate bags in advance. Bill says he has a 'wanderlust comorbidity'! He has travelled and dialyzed in 34 countries!!!

Bill is an absolute inspiration for me. When I look at Bill, I realize that dialysis need not limit my life in any way. I can choose to do whatever I want and make it happen. All it takes is a little planning. In the end, the fun is well worth the effort.

Another very inspiring event is also happening around the same time. Erich Ditschman, on dialysis, will be undertaking a 225 km kayaking trip down the River Grand! He will be dialyzing at night on the NxStage machine. This is going to be a fund-raiser where Erich hopes to raise $20,000 for research on dialysis and helping kids get dialysis. Beat that!

It is things like this that prove that a person can do whatever he wants even on dialysis. It does not prevent you from living a full life. One important point to note is that both Erich and Bill are on daily nocturnal home hemodialysis. And they both use the NxStage System One. It is a wonder that a small machine such as this can change so many lives in so many ways. A lot of what people like Bill and Erich are able to achieve is thanks to this wonderful machine. Bill did travel a lot prior to the NxStage. But I am sure this machine allows Bill to pull out all the stops.

The Indian dialysis community must gain access to this machine really soon.