Will the Mahankali temple down the road please change its only bhajan casette?

There is a Mahankali temple down the road from where we live. We moved to the place where we currently stay about 14 years back. Every year around this time of the year, the festive season starts. You first have the Bonalu festival, followed by the Ganesh festival, then Dasara, finally culminating with Diwali.

Every morning, during this entire season, the temple plays devotional music. On a loudspeaker. This music is audible in about a 2 kilometer radius. This post is not even about my problem with that. Though I am dead against 'loudspeaker religion', I will save my comments on that for another post. My problem is that this temple plays the same bhajan casette every morning, every day of the season, FOR THE PAST 14 YEARS!

I now know the exact order in which the songs come. When one song ends, I can tell which one is next. In fact, if I hear one of the songs somewhere else in some other context, I feel very odd and uncomfortable because the next song does not come!

So, here is my simple request to the temple authorities: Please, change the casette.


Unknown said…
Tell the temple authorities that cassettes and CDs are history, and ask them to use an MP3 player or iPod which can play in "shuffle" mode.

Gift them an iPod Shuffle if you HAVE to.
Anonymous said…
will consider ur request
Anonymous said…
Kamal, after 14 years of listening, all you can tell is which song comes after which? Come on, man you got to do better than that. I would have hoped you can recite every word of every song even in your sleep.

Anonymous said…
Can a single casette last that long? amaron?