Don't do this to me, Poorna Tiffins

I am hooked to Poorna Tiffins. For the last couple of years (more?) I have been going almost every Sunday morning (and sometimes mid week evenings too) religiously to this small little joint in Krishnanagar, Hyderabad to eat what I think are the world's best idlis.

I have also intoduced countless friends and family to the place and most of them are quite amazed at the quality of the idlis.

My brothers are convinced that one of the reasons I took up my current job at Grene and the secret reason I am involved with Nephroplus is that they are both quite close in distance to Poorna Tiffins!

The problem with Poorna Tiffins is if I don't get my weekly quota of heaven in the form of ghee-soaked idlis, my week does not go well. Really. I feel listless, incomplete, like something is missing, like I have not had a shower.

Now, the guys at Poorna Tiffins have this habit of going off on annual jaunts unannounced. So every once in a way, when I drive all the way to Krishnanagar, all excited at the thought of gorging on those idlis, to my utter shock and horror, I find the joint closed. How can an eatery close ever? This is the only eatery I know that actually closes.

Sure enough, this happened this Sunday too. On enquiring with the neghbours, I was told 'oorki vellaru andharu' (they have all gone to their  native place)!

The Jain Paryushan Parva begins this Saturday which is a time of general penance and fasting during which we don't eat out. So, I thought in case Poorna Tiffins had opened (it had been more than 5 days since the unsuccessful visit), I could make up for the lost Sunday and make sure I have a peaceful Paryushan Parva, not troubled by dreaming about idlis. No luck. The shutters were open but apparently they were going to take up some renovation work. So, no idlis for 2-3 days more, they said.

Drat! That means no idlis for me until the end of Paryushan Parva (next Saturday). So, I can now go only next Sunday.


PDS said…
None of the other customers are going to get idlis the following Sunday after u're done ;)
Unknown said…
In your opinion, how does Poorna Tiffin compare with Murugan Idli (Madras)?
Kamal D Shah said…
Oh no, don't do this to me Vinod! I was really hoping I would never be asked to choose between the two. That really is a very difficult question.

But all things considered, I have to reluctantly say (forgive me Murugan) the idlis are better at Poorna Tiffins.

But if you ask me which eatery is better as a whole, Murugan would win hands down because the other stuff is much better at Murugan.
Anonymous said…
Kamal bhai, with the relation you have built with poorna, i am sure the owner would not mind notifying you if they are ever to close on a sunday again. Just give me ur phone number. Atleast that would save u the drive.

Btw, i am visiting India for a month towards the end of November. Cant wait to go out with you again to Poorna. Man, the last time i was there with you, i ate the most idlis i ever ate in my life - you kept pushing me.
Anonymous said…
the last anonymous comment was from Vinay, btw.
Anonymous said…
the hotel and various others across the city were seized by food and health dept...
Kamal D Shah said…
Well, I don't know what you're referring to but I went just yesterday and it was open and thriving as usual. They had closed for a few days and renovated the place. It is now marble floored!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

Can you please give me directions to Poorna Tiffins please? Been dying to go there but dont know where this is is :(

Thanks in advance.

Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Shiva,

From Srinagar Colony, take the right turn that goes towards Yousufguda and the Vijaybhaskar Reddy Stadium. Go straight and look for an Apollo Pharmacy on your left (much before KVB stadium). Take the left immediately after the Apollo Pharmacy and you should see Poorna Tiffins on your right a little ahead.

Have fun!

Anonymous said…
Thanks Kamal, for the directions. Will definitely check it out.