Have you taken your Swine flu vaccine yet?

The swine flu vaccine is now available in India. I just got my shot a couple of days back. All people on dialysis should immediately check with their nephrologists and if advised, take their shot.

Even people not on dialysis should check with their primary physicians and get their shots if advised to do so.

And while you're at it, check with your nephrologist/primary physician and take the vaccine for pneumonia too. I took that vaccine too yesterday.

I am sure you have taken your Hepatitis B vaccine already. If you haven't, please do so asap. This is a no-brainer. When there is a vaccine available for such a deadly disease, why take chances?

People on dialysis should definitely get vaccinated against Hepatitis B. In fact, people on dialysis are advised to take a double dose each time for The HBV vaccine. We must also get a yearly check of our HBsAg titers and then take a booster shot if necessary.


Unknown said…
I would caution against taking vaccinations in ALL cases.

Every vaccine/medicine has its side effects including fatality. Including as harmless a thing as paracetamol.

Where vaccinations are concerned, unless you are in a high risk situation of getting a particular disease, avoid the vaccination for that disease.

Also do not be one of the first few to get a vaccination. Even if is FDA approved. Wait till a few million have had it, and a few years have passed, before you take it. Enough stories of how a popular drug has had side effects and has to be withdrawn. Latest example is Avandia (for diabetics).

Bottom line: do not become a guinea pig to pharma companies attempts to grow their sales, by putting fear in to you.