Have you had an orange today?

Oranges are my fruit of the season. What better way to start your day than a ripe, sweet orange? I just love the taste of an orange - slightly sour, yet sweet. It is probably the only fruit that is also the name of a color!

Oranges are excellent sources of Vitamin C and 100 grams of the fruit can give you 75% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. It also provides good amounts of Vitamin Bs.

Did you know that the word Orange is actually derived from Sanskrit? The word narangah means orange tree in Sanskrit and that is where the word Orange is taken from!

Oranges are best had as they are - the natural fruit pulp after removing the peel. Those on dialysis, unless you're on daily nocturnal, should stay away from the juice since it contains high quantities of Potassium. Orange makes for an excellent marmalade and it is probably one of the most widely eaten marmalades.

The variety that originates in Nagpur and other parts of India is quite different from the variety that is produced and consumed in much of the rest of the world. Nagpur oranges have greenish orange peels and - truth be told - I prefer the slightly sour taste to the variety available in other countries.

Brazil is the world's biggest producer of Oranges and India is the fourth largest.

I often think about how the foods that taste good are never good for the body. Well, the orange proves that totally wrong. So, have you had an orange today?


Dr. Ashwin said…
i agree with kamal. the amount of vitamin C in an orange is quite a bit and it also may help in relieving cramps on and after dialysis. just make sure the potassium is not too high.

Dr. Ashwin