Goa - Doodhsagar waterfalls, Ashwem Beach

We slowly trekked down the path to the base of the falls. The trek was not very difficult especially for nimble-footed people like me! We reached the base of the falls in about half an hour. The falls were quite majestic. There was a huge pool of water at the base, from one side of which the water flowed downstream.

There was quite a crowd already. Few people ventured into the pool however. Some of my friends quickly changed into their swimming trunks and jumped right in. I changed and slowly got into the water. The water was freezing cold! I got into the pool on the side opposite to the falls. I took a complete dip and then started swimming to the opposite side. The water was so cold that my neck was almost paining. I wanted to stand so that I could get my neck out of water. The water was too deep to stand however. So, I had to continue swimming till I reached the opposite end where there were some rocks and the pool wasn't so deep. When I reached the other end, I was relieved as I would finally get my neck outside the water and get some relief from the cold!

This was probably the coldest water I ever swam in!

We then swam up to the point where the water was falling from above. The water was falling with great pressure. After playing around for about two hours, we decided it was time to head back. We got out, changed our clothes and then headed back. It was a great experience. This was probably the best waterfall I had ever seen.

The next day, we went to Ashwem beach. Ashwem beach is a half hour drive from Calangute. This beach is very quiet and peaceful. Very different from the hullabaloo of a Baga or a Calangute. You could lie down for hours together and not have anyone disturb you asking you to get a faux tattoo done or go for a water scooter ride. The incessant sound of the waves hitting the beach are all you have for company. A balm for aching souls!

It is good to go to this kind of beach as well, once in a way. Yes, no doubt, the frolic at Calangute was great. This wasn't bad either.

There is one thing about trips like these. Some people like to finish 'as much as possible'. I know a few friends who had a 'jam-packed' Goa trip. They saw like 8 beaches, 4 churches and 3 temples. All in a span of 3 days. My point is why go to Goa to do all this? Any holiday should have adequate time for rest  and relaxation. Many people, on the other hand do holidays and start checking off places on a check list. And they're really happy when they have completed all the items! Anyway, I guess its good for them.

For me, however, a holiday is mostly relaxation with a little bit to do thrown in. In this holiday we did only two beaches and a waterfall. I still felt we did too much!


briz said…
You sound lazy ! if you have options what is the problem in checking out all places. Just imagine from Delhi I'll go to see ashvem only and comeback from goa and go back to goa again to see palolem and it goes on like that !!! common !!! :D