Aashayein - three days to go!

Its three days to go for Aashayein - the first ever event for dialysis patients. Am I excited or what? The tension is palpable. I can almost hear my heart beat. I can barely think about anything else. I am sure Vikram and Sandeep are in a similar state of mind! It is a huge event. The first time we are doing something on this scale.

The response has been overwhelming. We are already overbooked. People registering now are being put on a wait list. In case there are any last minute cancellations, they will be invited. The resources we have are limited. The space that we have is limited. So, there is no other option but to restrict the number of participants.

I took a few calls for registration. I could feel the excitement in the patients' voices about this event. It was the first time someone was thinking about them. There have been numerous events for doctors. None for patients.

The support by the nephrologists also has been excellent. All of them were very encouraging. I am hoping many of them will also come for the event, even if for some time.

Like any other event, there have been last minute surprises as well. Some changes in the speakers were also necessitated.

Yesterday, Sandeep and I went for a trial of the lunch. This was the first time the hotel was preparing food with leached vegetables and without salt. Today we are having a full rehearsal of the skit in the morning at the Banjara Hills center of NephroPlus.

Let's hope everything goes well!

And by the way - if you are a dialysis patient in Hyderabad, please come for the event!