Make using cell phones during dialysis procedures a cognizable offence

In India, dialysis professionals do not refrain from using cell phones during procedures such as starting and closing sessions. I am not sure about other countries.

This is totally unacceptable. You may be an expert at what you are doing. But please spare a thought for the poor soul on the bed. He has had a life-changing diagnosis. He is trying to come to terms with this. The procedure may be painful. It is quite daunting for him. Is your call that important that it cannot wait until the procedure is over? Ok, it might be another patient. Even if it is another patient, can it not wait for a while, until the procedure is over?

Heck, using cell phones while driving a vehicle is banned in our country! Then why is it allowed to be used during medical procedures?? Isn't this much more serious? There is a life literally in your hands!

This is something that medical professionals should really take seriously. A blanket ban on cell phones during medical procedures. That is the only solution.