William Kolff must have turned in his grave today

Today, a television starlet was invited for a press meet organized by a chain of quality dialysis centers to spread the word about a free patient event. The starlet, obviously not familiar with the work certain bean shaped organs in her body do, day in and day out, was briefed about this and what dialysis actually is. I was also a part of the briefing and we went through the usual rigmarole about me being on dialysis for thirteen years (it is close to fourteen, by the way) and all that.

Here is what the starlet told the press after the briefing (the emphasis is mine):

"I am very thankful to the organizers for inviting me to this event. Dialysis patients are generally very depressed when they are diagnosed with this disease. It is really great that this company along with this patient has invented this treatment called dialysis so that kidney patients can lead a normal life..... Patients can come to this center and get a cure for their kidney disease."

William Kolff, who performed the world's first dialysis in the 1940s would have been very upset had he lived through till today.

William Kolff: "Errr... it was actually me, ma'am!"


Richa Gupta said…
That was excellent Kamal.. Would like to know more about that television starlet!!!!