Why does the national media ignore the Telangana agitation?

No matter whose side you are on in the Telangana issue, there's one thing you can't deny - there is a definite groundswell of support for a separate state. A large majority of people in the area do want a separate state. There has been a massive agitation going on for the past many months and this has effected normal life in the state especially the capital Hyderabad.

Despite this, I find, rather surprisingly, that the national media chooses to ignore the entire agitation.

Take 10th March for example. Hyderabad was almost shut down. Many statues were vandalized on Tank Bund. Despite all this, the matter was barely covered in the national media. Channels like NDTV have a penchant to cover news that barely effects us. The amount of time they spent in covering Aarushi Talwar murder case and now the Radhika murder case is frankly, quite ridiculous. These were ghastly murders, no doubt. However, how important are they to the nation? How many people do they effect?

Compare this to the question of Telangana. An entire population might be divided (not that it is wrong or right, but it will definitely effect all of them). Depending on which side of the divide you are, you either get what is rightfully yours or your basic identity is going to be broken. Isn't this more important than one single family?

For weeks, the government was paralyzed. Many important decisions were withheld. The conduct of examinations and careers of thousands of students were in jeopardy. In spite of this, channels do not find this important. The union government is of course doing nothing. Instead of deciding on the issue one way or the other, it is in a state of limbo. That again is a topic for another post. But the press, truly needs to get its priorities right.


Anonymous said…
do they get paid to ignore?
kiran said…
natonal media is not playing a responsible role in telangana issue
srinivas said…
national media forgotten their responsibility,the only agitation dat central government,state government&main opposition party in d state,local media,national media wants suppress d movement
Anonymous said…
National media is partial on Telangana, they cover goorkha land, gujjars, assam, but ignore deliberately T issue. They usually get paid for that!!! shame on them. They give imp. to rapes, news against Hindus, Narendra Modi etc.
Anonymous said…
National media taken Money on T Issue.