'Email is not working'

My mother has an ICICI Bank credit card. She was asked by the customer care to send them an email and action, they said, would be taken in 24 hours. So, my mother wanted to send an email. She's had a Rediffmail account for some time now which she uses sporadically. If you send her an email, you need to call her and tell her to check her email.

So, she asked me what the email address for ICICI Bank's customer care was. A google search threw up the answer and I told her. A little while back she came back and said it was asking her to check the address she was using. I re-checked the email address she was using. It seemed to be correct. I asked her whether she had logged into her Rediffmail account. She asked why she needed to do that? I was a little horrified.

I asked her where she was typing the email address I gave her? She said in the line where she types addresses. I quickly figured out that she was typing the email address in the browser URL field!

I then explained to her that she needed to log in to her Rediffmail account to send email!


Unknown said…
After meeting with you recently, I check your blog now and then when I have a moment alone. This particular one is really hilarious - but very typical of my generation. However, as we all know your mother is a very smart lady. With so many tech-savy kids like you around, she just did not see the need to trouble herself, I guess.
I just wanted to thank you for putting a smile on my face after a long and trying day.
We are all very proud of all the excellent work you are doing. Our best wishes are with you all the time.
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks so much Manju Aunty! Really appreciate your wishes!
daisy said…
Hi Kamal
Daisy aunty here. Thanks to manju for introducing your blog to me. I must sit and go through all your posts.
Your mother, well there are no words to describe her. She is an embodiment of so many characteristics very rarely seen in one individual. A living example of strong will, reselience and positive attitude despite all that she has gone through. Her youthful looks beats one hollow.
About her tech savyness I can imagine all that you said because all of us friends tried very hard to get her into the online loop but failed miserably.
Lots of love to you
Kamal D Shah said…
Hello Daisy aunty,

Thanks so much for your comment. I am going to let mummy know!

I am also thinking of getting her a Blackberry - it will probably be much easier to be connected that way.