Abhi tak hum zinda hain!

Yes, I am still alive. And kicking! No posting from a few days, yes. But that's because I've been a little busy.

I have been mostly busy with the automation project of the Jain Dialysis Trust. The coupon distribution that happens every last Sunday of the month was becoming very chaotic and difficult to manage. So, Shri Inderchand Jain asked me if it could be automated. I said, "Sure!" And got started with this project. I couldn't contribute financially to this extremely noble cause. This was the least I could do. So, with the help of my dear friends, A Srinivas, Ankurpreet Singh and PVK Ramesh, I embarked on an enterprise of honorable, dangerous consequence. Honorable because the cause was so good and dangerous because failure would be disastrous!

After much of going back and forth on the technology, we got the application complete. We have the hosting figured out too. Now only the testing and deployment remains! Wait a minute! Did I say 'only'? No way. Testing and Deployment can be major, major headaches. Let's hope the project gets done soon and well.

On the medical side, my hemoglobin went down to 9.9! Well, it was 13+ at one point. In an extraordinary act of courage, my neph decided to reduce my Erythropoietin to 2,000 units a week. Within weeks, the hemoglobin plummeted to 9.9. My neph blamed me for not checking my Hemoglobin often enough! I have been accused of many things in life. But not this. Never have I been accused of not doing blood tests often enough. I check it once a month at least! Not enough, he said. Once in fifteen days it is, now! So 9.9 leaves you with not too much energy at the end of the day. I am now on 4,000 thrice a week. It has bounced back to 11.4! If the blood tests are right, that is!

All this low hemoglobin has not reduced my swimming though. I am gradually increasing the amount of swimming I am doing. I changed the pool I swim in recently. And I am doing more than my last pool. The motivation for increasing the swimming was mainly the increased weight which was probably due to the relaxed diet (sweets and fried stuff) I was indulging in. So, I now have given up sweets and fried food (chocolates exempted from the ban).

I am still unable to give up the ghee on idlis though. Right in the midst of this austerity drive, I went to Poorna Tiffins one Sunday morning, firm in my mind, that I would have the idlis without ghee. I successfully managed that too. But it wasn't the same. My day felt incomplete. Dry. Something was missing. I had to go back on the Wednesday following that Sunday and have my usual idlis laced with ghee. I think the weight loss will have to come from more swimming!


All the best and Congrats Kamal and team :)
BTW, which technology have u implemented this project?
Anonymous said…
tum jeeyo hazaron saal