My Nano caught fire

I had heard a few instances of Nanos catching fire. But this happened to me.

First of all, for the past few months, the Nano has been giving us a lot of problems. It stopped right in the middle fot he road on two occasions and just wouldn't start. My dad was driving it both times. He had it pushed to the side of he road and then we called the workshop and they had to tow the vehicle to their place. Both times they said some part had to be changed which they did and brought it back.

About a week back, I was in the Nano and my driver was driving it. Suddenly, in the middle of thick traffic, there was fire below the hand brake and smoke around. We were shocked. My driver immediately switched off the car and steered to the side of the road. We both got out of the car and then had it pushed to my brother's house which was close by.

We called the workshop again and they towed it away again.

I talked to the manager and asked them to take the car back and give me a refund. They say they will check the problem and let me know.


Unknown said…
My Nano too caught fire last night!! :(