What a dearth of choices

There has been so much that has been said about the 2G scam and the corruption in India that I don't think I can add anything of value on the subject.

However, I was just thinking about the recently concluded Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. People are very gung-ho about the way the DMK government has been booted out and the very low number of seats they have won this time. Yes. Totally agree. Good that they were booted out. They deserve this. Probably more.

But think for a moment. Who has come in the DMK's place? Jayalalitha, the mother of corruption. And she has the gall to actually say that the mandate was not only against the DMK but decisively for the AIADMK. Apparently she is going to foist more corruption cases on the Karunanidhi family.

The people of Tamil Nadu always give a decisive mandate in favor of one party. So, turn by turn these two people come to power, loot the state and its people and then lose power, smug in the belief that they will get their chance after five years.

Talk about being having to chose between the devil and the deep sea!