Apple, please don't discontinue iWeb

I have read some rumors on the internet that Apple might discontinue iWeb, the tool that enables Mac users to design beautiful web sites. Of course, there is no confirmation from Apple on this. One reason people think this might happen is the discontinuation of Mobile Me, Apple's older cloud service to which many iWeb users published their web sites to.

However, not all users used Mobile Me to publish web sites. You could also use any FTP server and publish your web site to it. I use that mechanism and have a couple of web sites running that way. Now, even if Apple did discontinue the product, I could still continue using my copy and could still maintain those web sites. However, I would love Apple to continue innovating on iWeb to make it better.

Many people mistakenly feel that iWeb is only for very simple web sites and does not offer a whole lot of flexibility. I have used iWeb to create some really good looking web sites and they more than serve the purpose.

That's the whole beauty of being in the Mac ecosystem. You get tools such as iWeb with which you can do stunning stuff very simply. Anyone who has used iMovie will agree with me as well. I recently created a really cool video piece with special effects, background music, titles and all that jazz in twenty minutes flat from video that was already shot.

Apple knows what most people want and provides it by default with the base software. That saves you a lot of time. Add the legendary ease of use that you expect from Apple and suddenly, you have a whole lot of power in your hands.

And despite all this, some people blame me for being an Apple fan! 


Sunny said…
I, too, love iWeb. Any suggestions as to how to band together and let our voices be known that we want it to continue? I don't know other users, and I don't care that iCloud won't support it. I love the artistic simplicity and use it for my own site. I don't have the time to learn wordpress or any other program. And I don't want to hire anyone to do it. Tried that once -- lost a ton of money and the designer (a really talented one) never "got me" and that site never went live. Can't imagine life w/o iWeb!!!