Porphyria Cutanae Tarda?


Well, that's what they suspect my recent skin condition to be!

My skin has become increasingly brittle. It cuts very easily. Barely do I scrape against a wall and my skin gets cut. I also get small blisters on my hands and feet from time to time. Yuck!

So, I showed them to my nephrologist and he asked me to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist carefully examined my hands and suspected that this could be Porphyria Cutanae Tarda, a condition commonly found among people with long term kidney disease.

I have been asked to get tested for the presence of Uroporphyrins which will confirm this diagnosis. The problem is this test is done in very few places in India. I am trying to see if I can get it done at AIIMS, New Delhi.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, then I might be put on Chloroquin, the drug used in Malaria. Wikipedia says with Chloroquin the condition usually settles in 6-12 months.

Well, whatever it is, at least I have a condition that has a fancy sounding name! Kinda cool, you know - Porphyria Cutanae Tarda! Heck, there is even a song by that name - see the second song in this album!


Shan Chelliah said…

I hope that the skin problem isn't anywhere near as bad as the song is :) .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf3WPURmdD4 ..... if you look up the lyrics to the song, guess what .... "Porphyria Cutanae Tarda" isn't mentioned even once!
Kamal D Shah said…
Lol Shan! This is funny!