Yes, crucify me, but I hated Delhi Belly!

First things first. In a twist to a famous quote, "You may not agree with what I say but you must fight for my right to say it!"

So, you may have liked the movie but I didn't. Simple. And I will not deny that I thought the movie was disgusting. However much you thought it was hilarious.

I don't like movies that show dirty, shabby houses, toilets, flushes falling on people and such other gross things.

For most of the movie, one of the main characters is struck by diarrhea. Hasn't he heard of antibiotics and other astringents? Worse, hasn't his doctor? Even if they haven't, why take the camera behind him whenever he has to relieve himself.

The worst part of the movie was a scene where they actually show someone pouring out liquid human poop (purportedly, a sample given for a test to a lab). I almost threw up right there. I closed my eyes after one single frame to prevent this.

This, in the name of entertainment? And you have hordes of people loving the movie!

Well, I don't hold any grudges against those who liked the movie. To each, his own! But I found it horrible. Utterly disgusting. A pathetic attempt at humor.


DiF said…
How I agree with you. I have not seen the film but have absolutely no intention of doing so. I really cannot understand why some people find such films "entertaining". Do film makers have to stoop to such lows and come to that why do people have to stoop so low to get their enjoyment. Yes they have the right to go see such filth and they have the right to enjoy it. But I for one cannot understand the thinking behind the making or the enjoying of such a film.
Unknown said…
Welcome to the club :)
Santu said…
Am not watching it either...