Zindagi na milegi dobara - must watch

I watched Zindagi na milegi dobara the day after Delhi Belly. What a change! Maybe I liked it so much because I watched it immediately after such a bakwaas movie like Delhi Belly.

I won't go into the story and performances. You can find that anywhere. I will tell you what I liked about the movie.

Basically, there are two messages for me from this movie. One is Hrithik's story. He is fully engrossed in his work. His life is pretty much calls, meetings, customers, money, money and more money. Many of us get into this mode of making work our entire life. We don't realize that work is only a part of life and not life itself. Hrithik's character understands this as the movie progresses and eventually breaks free.

The other part is where the characters face their deepest fears head on. It does seem too simplistic and unrealistic at times. But then this is a movie, not a news show. Let's not forget that. The key is to face our fears. It is easier said than done. But once we do this, it does not seem that difficult at all. This is something worth hanging on to.

The music is really good. The Senorita song is excellent. But then, I did not want to do a review!

If you haven't watched this movie yet, go watch it! You will love it!


Karan Shah said…
full filmi review
Datta said…
Haven't watched this one. I'm going to wait for the DVD but I did enjoy Delhi Belly. It was a fun flick. No higher message but it was slick.
Kamal D Shah said…
Slick? I thought it was sick!
Kamal D Shah said…
Filmi review little brother? Pray, how?
Tracy said…
Hey i liked it a lot too :) hope u r doing ggod.. do tc .