Anna's three conditions must be met

So, the government has finally given in. Or have they?

The three conditions that Anna Hazare has set for him to give up his fast - that discussions must start on the State Lok Ayuktas, on the Citizens' Charter and that the lower bureaucracy must be included in the Lok Pal - are the absolute crux of this whole movement that has galvanized the entire nation!

Team Anna has hit the nail on the head. These are the most important parts of the Lok Pal. Honestly, if the Prime Minister is corrupt or if the Higher Judiciary is corrupt, it does not affect the common citizen directly. We may seethe with anger. We may discuss it and post statuses on Facebook and Twitter. But it will not affect our day to day actions.

However the lower bureaucracy is what you and I have to deal with in our daily lives! It is the citizen's charter that will help us get our things done. For example, that a ration card must be given in three days or that a passport must be issued in fifteen days are revolutionary steps that will make the life of the common man so much less frustrating.

So, at the risk of sounding cruel towards Anna's health, I am hoping that the fast is broken only if absolutely fool-proof assurances are given by the government on these three issues.


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