I might as well give my 2 cents on Anna

You remember this song:

Its Eer Bir Phatte. In the middle it goes, "Eer kahe chalo lakdi kaat aae, Bir kahe chalo lakdi kaat aae, Phatte kahe chalo lakdi kaat aae, Hum kahen chalo humau lakdi kaat aae..."

So, since everyone is giving their two cents on Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal, I thought chalo hamau apne do cents de de!

Ok, so after hearing this topic debated to death on the news channels (mainly NDTV, I find Arnav Goswami making everything a national issue of grave consequence so even a real national issue of grave consequence seems mundane), I agree that people rallying around Anna are not really rallying around his version of the Lok Pal but are rallying together since they are so fed up and angry over the corruption this Congress government has systematically institutionalized. Every government is corrupt. But the Congress takes it to entirely different levels! 

And excuse me, why are they harping about bringing Raja and Kalmadi to book? Why were the 2G and the CWG scams allowed to happen in the first place? The PM keeps blaming the compulsions of leading a coalition for all the ills in the country. Sometimes I feel we need more of a strong PM than an honest one!

Coming back to Anna, I strongly feel they should be more reasonable. Rather than set impractical deadlines and fritter away a golden opportunity, they should come back to the negotiating table and sort things out with the government. The wily government managers are waiting for things to cool down. Public support for the cause may not last long. When people tire of camping at Ramlila Maidan, the numbers will soon dwindle and Anna will be called a loser. At that point, all we will be left with is, as Arvind Kejriwal famously termed it, the 'Jokepal'!

Team Anna should start talking with the government and sort out the contentious issues now. Now is when the heat is on. The government cannot be seen as going soft on corruption. They will have to compromise on some of the issues. Get what we can when we can. Later might be too late.