Missed diagnoses

Medicine is not an exact science. A lot of it is subjective. Doctors have to rely a lot on their experience and the results they have had with other patients. Lab test results rarely tell the entire story. It is not a set of mathematical equations that they can follow to get the desired results.

We often blame doctors for missed diagnoses. "Why didn't they detect this earlier?"

It is easy for us to say this in hindsight. But at the time of diagnoses, a multitude of factors go into making a decision. It is not at all easy for doctors. They have to strike a fine balance between making a diagnosis based on the available facts and prescribing too many tests that may help in arriving at a better, more informed decision.

Another major problem is the number of patients doctors in India see. Most doctors that I go to are so busy that I have to often wait for a long time to get to see the doctor. And after all the wait, you get very little time with them. With all this, how much time would they have to read up or research on your particular case?

I have realized these problems and changed my attitude towards doctors. Even though an important diagnosis was missed in my case as well.


Anonymous said…
And when and what diagnoses was missed in your case!!!
Kamal D Shah said…

I will tell you if you tell me who you are!