My changing attitude towards dialysis

Until a while ago, I never used to like to miss a dialysis session. I would go for at least six nights a week and at one point actually started dialyzing every day. Seven days a week. No break whatsoever. At that time, I was mostly starting on my own and Jayaram would close. On Sundays, when Jayaram did not come, I would do everything on my own. Of late, however, I have been waiting for Jayaram to come and start. I had a couple of scary incidents and so got a little wary of starting.

Honestly, for the past few months I have become a little tired of dialyzing every night. The whole rigmarole of priming the dialyzer and the lines and then starting on your own and then being all alone while dialyzing has got to me. Also, I sleep about 70-80% as well on dialysis than off dialysis. The most important factor, however, is my fluid intake. Believe it or not (and swear you are not going to tell my nephrologist) I used to put on 3-4 kgs of fluid weight every day. Even people with healthy kidneys don't drink that much! But I had a major mental problem.

Recently, my fluid weight gain has dropped to an average of 2.5 kgs per day. I know, that is also quite a lot. But it is at least better than before and headed in the right direction. Not that I am making any conscious effort or that I am unduly worried!

The thing with this is now I can afford to miss a session, especially on Sundays, since my weight gain does not warrant one. So that obviates the need for me to do everything on my own. And I get a full night's sweet, deep sleep.