Callous hospitals

Yesterday I had to go to the reputed Asian Institute of Gastroenterology in Hyderabad. I have been going there for the last few years to consult a gastroenterologist for some stuff. Yesterday I had to consult a hepatologist as well (on the advice of the gastro) to take some important decisions.

So, I went to the reception where they do the billing to ask what were the consultation timings of the hepatologist. The lady at the reception said that the concerned hepatologist does not see patients in the morning. He comes only in the evening between 6 pm. and 8 p.m. So I went back to the gastro's OP room and waited for him thinking that I would first consult the gastro and then return that evening or the next for the hep.

About half an hour into waiting, the gastro's secretary, with whom I had established a good rapport during the past so many visits there asked me about the hep consult. I said the hep did not see patients then apparently and came only in the evening. He told me that was wrong and the hep was actually seeing patients in his room right then!

I was shocked. Here I was waiting like a fool assuming that the hep wasn't available and was planning to make another trip that evening or the next day and all this while the hep was actually seeing patients! I rushed to the hep's room and found that he was, indeed, seeing patients! I quickly gave the hep's secretary my file. There were about ten patient before me. If I had come half an hour before, my turn would probably have come and I would have been done by then!

For the bitch at the reception, it was one careless, capricious remark. For me, it not only wasted so much time, but it almost made me make another whole trip.

Why can't hospitals pay a little more attention to such basic stuff?


Datta said…
Did you complain to her supervisor?
Kamal D Shah said…
You're kidding right?
Anonymous said…
That is the story in most of our so called reputed corporate hospitals. They have no idea what "customer care" is or the meaning of compassion