How RSS feeds dry up our lives

I use Google Reader to track all the news I am interested in on different subjects for example, aHUS, dialysis, Apple etc. And I use the Reader app on my iPad to check the feeds and go through the stories. I also use the same mechanism to read the blogs I follow. This method however, strips out the 'soul' of the blogs - the backgrounds, sometimes the images and videos and the comments.

This is all right for news articles but not for blogs. Blogs must be read on the original site, not using a feed reader. Is there a solution for this? I had written something similar a while back here and I haven't found a solution for this yet.

Basically all I want is an app that checks the blogs I follow if there are any new posts and then show only those blogs in their original interface - exactly like they would appear if I visited the blog website.

Any suggestions?


Kartik said…
Hi Kamal, I completely agree! I guess, one thing you can do is to ensure that at least to read your posts people come to your blog rather than read it as a feed. Check this link here (there is a way to allow only excerpts to be published as part of the feed) -

This, I feel, will ensure that people come to your blog to read it completely + everyone comments in the same place, it feels more 'complete' that way.